What We Do

At the Land and Resource Lookout, we believe in just and equitable access to land and natural resources. The activities of different actors from powerful corporations and states right down to local level users need to be scrutinised in order for this to be achieved.

Increase visibility

The Land and Resource Lookout aims to increase the visibility of conflicts over the earth’s land and resources, in all regions of the world. By conflict we do not necessarily mean cases where physical violence is involved. For example, legal struggles and policy debates over management practices are also important, as they ultimately contribute to how these resources are controlled in practice.

We hope that our work can inform the general knowledge of members of the public, as well as provide NGOs, researchers and activists with a base of information on topics or cases that they may be interested in taking up.

Highlight marginal points of view

Within these conflicts and debates, we particularly aim to highlight discourses and perspectives of marginal groups that are often missed out in mainstream reports and discussions.

Provide analysis

Given our background and expertise in the field of international development, we aim to provide a degree of independent analysis on top of our reporting in order to pick apart the dynamics, threats, or even opportunities in the land and resource developments that we cover.