Pastoralism under Threat: SAGCOT in Tanzania

Written by Flora Sonkin

“Pastoralism under Threat: Human Rights Violations in the Southern Agriculture Growth Corridor of Tanzania” is a policy brief by Terra Nuova, CELEP and Hands on the Land for Food Sovereignty, which analyzes, with a human rights approach, violations to the detriment of the many shepherds and small-scale farmers in Tanzania.

A recent fact-finding mission uncovered a series of forced evictions, cattle raids and personal violence against pastoralist communities, with serious consequences from the point of view of human right to food. These violations are related to the implementation of so-called corridors “for agricultural growth”, plans that envisage the creation of large infrastructures at the service of industrial and export agriculture, linked to foreign investments, which in the case explored by this brief, did not fulfil the process of Free Prior and Informed Consent of local populations and thus does not reflect the needs and interests of these communities.

In particular, the document analyzes the case of the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT), a project supported by the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

PDF: Pastoralism Under Threat

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